Friday, October 29, 2010

My Ferret Tinkerbell`s Had Her Baby`s

Well on the 26 October 2010 that night or very early morning on the 27 October my Ferret Tinkerbell had 5 little kids which are baby`s. We don`t know what colours or sex they are yet but, in about 3 weeks the colour will come out, and it should be easy to sex them to see if they are boys or girls. I well be able to pick the Baby`s up by then. At the moment I cannot because mother ferret will move them again if I do. So its just better if you leave them alone. Well I have some pic`s of them as well. I am selling them as well but this litter is all been sold. Sorry to anyone how wanted one. I Will let you all know if she has any more litters. Well I will keep you all up to date while they are grow up. DD loves them and and DS love them as well. My mum is getting one as well she like them as well. Mine is so friendly she dose not bit my family or my mum, but they can other people sometime but as most animals thay don`t bit the hand that feeds them.


Jacqueline said...

They are so little and cute

Bev C said...

Wow they are so tiny, Glad you were able to find homes for them.
Happy days.